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  1. located below or beneath something else
  2. lower in rank, power, or authority
  1. down to defeat, death, or ruin
  2. through a range downward
  3. into unconsciousness
  4. in or into a state of subordination or subjugation
  5. below some quantity or limit
  6. below the horizon
  7. down below
  8. further down
  9. below
  10. secondary

under Sentences in English

  1. निचला  =  state
    The under surface of a leaf

  2. नीचे  =  manner
    If you take a deep breath you can stay under for more than a minute.

  3. के नीचे  =  beneath
    I see under water

  4. के अन्दर  =  inside
    Pushed my head under water

  5. से कम  =  less than
    He is under five

  6. में  =  cover
    The thief feed under cover

  7. में  =  influence
    He is under the influence of his wife

  8. अन्दर  =  supervision, learning
    He is learning vialin under me

  9. में  =  vigilance
    The gate is under guard

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