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uncertain Definitions and meaning in English

  1. lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance
  2. not established beyond doubt
  3. not established or confirmed
  4. not firm or secure
  5. not certain to occur
  6. not inevitable
  7. subject to change
  8. not safe from danger or mishap
  9. not consistent or dependable
  10. ambiguous (especially in the negative)
  11. doubtful
  12. changeable

uncertain Sentences in English

  1. परिवर्तनशील  =  changeable
    Uncertain weather.

  2. अनिश्चित  =  doubtful
    Be uncertain what to do.

  3. डगमगाता हुआ  =  hesitant
    The baby took its first uncertain steps.

  4. अस्थिर  =  not constant
    A man of uncertain temper.

  5. अविश्वसनीय  =  unreliable
    As a player her form at the moment is uncertain.

  6. अनिश्चित  =  unsure
    The outcome is still uncertain./the industry faces an uncertain future.

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