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  1. be shown or be found to be
  2. prove to be in the result or end
  3. produce quickly or regularly, usually with machinery
  4. come, usually in answer to an invitation or summons
  5. bring forth, "The apple tree bore delicious apples this year"
  6. put out or expel from a place
  7. come and gather for a public event
  8. outfit or equip, as with accessories
  9. turn outward
  10. cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch
  11. get up and out of bed
  1. group assembling for event
  2. amount produced

turnout Sentences in English

  1. सफ़ाई  =  clean
    These drawers are full of rubbish- it's time i had a good turn-out.

  2. पहनावा  =  dress-up
    The teacher praised the children for their neat turn-out.

  3. भीड़  =  quantity
    There was a good/high/low turn-out at yesterday's meeting.

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