turn on meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of turn on

turn on Definitions and meaning in English

  1. excite
  2. please
  3. start the operation of

turn on Sentences in English

  1. टूट पड़ना  =  attack
    His old dog suddenly turn on him and bit him in his leg.

  2. मुख्य मुद्दा बनाना  =  become
    The discussion turned on the need for better public health care.

  3. निर्भर होना  =  depend
    Much turns on the outcome of the current peace talks.

  4. उत्तेजित होना  =  get excited
    She gets turned on by men in uniform.

  5. खोलना  =  open
    Could you turn on the bath for me whileyou're upstairs.

  6. बहकाना  =  persuade
    He turned her on to heroin.

  7. चलाना  =  start
    Turn on the televesion.

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