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  1. a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence
  2. the property of producing accurately a note of a given pitch
  3. the adjustment of a radio receiver or other circuit to arequired frequency
  4. melody
  5. harmony
  6. agreement
  1. adjust for (better) functioning
  2. of musical instruments

tune Sentences in English

  1. धुन  =  music
    A lot of modern music have no tune

  2. धुन  =  sound
    He gave us a tune on his guitar.

  3. ठिक करना  =  engine
    Tune the engine

  4. अनूकुल बैठाना  =  machine
    Tune the machine

  5. सुर मिलानाना  =  thing
    Tune the guitar

  6. ठीक से लगाना  =  tool
    Tune the radio to bbc news

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