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treble Definitions and meaning in English

  1. having or denoting a high range
  2. three times as great or many
  3. having three units or components or elements
  4. having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects orqualities
  1. the pitch range of the highest female voice
  1. sing treble
  2. increase threefold

treble Sentences in English

  1. तिहरा
    Every episode has its double and treble meaning.

  2. लगातार तीसरी विजय
    The victory completed a treble for the horse's owner.

  3. उच्च स्वर
    To turn up the treble on the stereo / the piping treble of childish voices

  4. तिगुना करना  =  do
    He trebled his earnings in two years.

  5. तिगुना हो जाना
    Cases of food poisoning have trebled in the last two years.

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