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trample Definitions and meaning in English

  1. the sound of heavy treading or stomping
  1. tread or stomp heavily or roughly
  2. injure by trampling or as if by trampling
  3. walk on and flatten
  4. walk forcibly over

trample Sentences in English

  1. चाप
    She heard the trample of many feet.

  2. कुचल देना
    The children trampled the flowers.

  3. धम-धम करते हुए जाना
    The soldiers trampled across the fields.

  4. ठोकर मारना
    The government is trampling on the views of ordinary people. / she would not let him trample over her any longer.

  5. रौंद देना
    People were trampled underfoot in the rush for the exit./ he was trampled to death (= killed) by a runaway horse.

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