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  1. the act of flipping a coin
  2. (sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team
  3. an abrupt movement
  4. throw
  1. throw or toss with a light motion
  2. lightly throw to see which side comes up
  3. throw carelessly
  4. move or stir about violently
  5. throw or cast away
  6. agitate
  7. move back and forth

toss Sentences in English

  1. टौस  =  sports
    Win on the toss.

  2. उपर उठाना  =  lift
    She just tossed her head and walked off.

  3. करवटे बदलते रहना  =  roll about
    Mr.pandey couldn't sleep,but kept tossing and turning in bed.

  4. हिलाना  =  shake
    You should toss the medicine bottle before use.

  5. फेकेना  =  throw
    Toss some bread to the ducks.

  6. सिक्का उछालना  =  to throw up
    Who's going to cook tonight let's toss up.

  7. डूबना-उतराना
    The boat was tossing around in the waves.

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