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together Definitions and meaning in English

  1. mentally and emotionally stable
  2. composed
  1. in conjunction with
  2. combined
  3. in contact with each other
  4. assembled in one place
  5. in each other's company
  6. at the same time
  7. with cooperation and interchange
  8. with a common plan
  9. as a group; all at once
  10. in a row

together Sentences in English

  1. इकट्ठा  =  state
    He's incredibly together for someone so young

  2. मिला कर  =  jointly
    Our salaries put together couldn't pay for the damage

  3. एक साथ  =  manner
    We went for the movie together

  4. इकटठे  =  manner
    We worked together on the project

  5. एक साथ  =  time
    We graduated together

  6. एक साथ  =  unitedly
    We worked together on the project

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