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  1. the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid
  2. warm weather following a freeze
  3. snow and ice melt
  4. a relaxation or slackening of tensions or reserve
  5. becomingless hostile
  1. become or cause to become soft or liquid
  2. unfreeze
  3. warm

thaw Sentences in English

  1. गरमाहट
    A thaw in relations with china

  2. हिमद्रवण
    The river doubles in size during the spring thaw.

  3. पिघलाना
    The heat thawed the ice.

  4. गरमाहट आना
    Relations between the two countries thawed a little after the talks./ the atmosphere slowly began to thaw.

  5. सामान्य होना
    I could feel my ears and toes start to thaw out.

  6. ढीला पड़ना
    Leave the meat to thaw completely before cooking.

  7. बर्फ़ पिघलना
    It's starting to thaw.

  8. पिघलना
    The snow started to thaw as the temperature kept up.

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