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  1. have a tendency or disposition to do or be something
  2. be inclined
  3. have care of or look after
  4. manage or run
  5. be apt
  6. likely
  7. care for

tend Sentences in English

  1. लगना  =  human
    She tends to be nervous before her lectures

  2. रूख होना  =  road place
    The path is tending to the beach

  3. प्रवृत होना  =  thing
    The particles tends to unite

  4. रखवाली करना  =  cattle
    The shepherds tending the sheep

  5. देखभाल करना  =  child
    The parents are always tended the child

  6. खिदमत करना  =  customer, bar
    The manager tended the customers to the bar

  7. सेवा करना  =  customer, shop
    The saleman tended the lady customers in the shop/to the garments shop

  8. रक्षा करना  =  human
    The parents tended the childrens

  9. खिदमत करना  =  patient
    The nurse skilfully tended the soldiers wounds

  10. देखबाल करना  =  plant
    The gardener tended the plants carefully

  11. देखभाल करना  =  thing
    To tend the sick

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