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  1. begin or start again

take up Sentences in English

  1. अपनाना
    All three teams took up different approaches to the problem.

  2. सोखना  =  absorb
    Blotting paper take up ink.

  3. स्वीकार करना  =  accept
    She take up a challenge

  4. आवाज से आवाज मिलाना  =  add voice
    The whole crowd took up the cry: `long live the king!'

  5. संरक्षण में लेना  =  adopt
    The young soprano was taken up by a famous conductor.

  6. अपना लेना  =  adopt
    Our troops took up defensive positions on high ground overlooking the river.

  7. वहीं से आगे बढाना  =  continue story
    She took up the narrative where john had left off.

  8. शुरू करना  =  continue
    This chapter takes up where the last one left off.

  9. टोकना  =  interrupt
    She took me up sharply when i suggested that the job was only suitable for a man.

  10. शौक बनाना  =  make habit
    Take up gardening,golf,yoga.

  11. छोटा करना  =  make shorter
    Shirt will need taking up.

  12. उठाना  =  mention
    I'd like to take up the paint you raised earlier.

  13. ले लेना  =  occupy
    This table takes up too much room.

  14. उठा लेना  =  pick up
    Take up his pen.

  15. शुरू करना  =  start
    She has taken up a job as a teacher.

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