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  1. निकालना  =  cause to disappear
    Cold water should take that stain out of your skirt.

  2. नष्ट कर देना  =  destroy
    Enemy missiles took out two of our fighters.

  3. करना  =  do
    Monthly contribution to the pension scheme will be taken out of your salary.

  4. बाहर लेना  =  escart
    He took his wife out to dinner on her birthday.

  5. जारी करना  =  issue
    The policy have taken out a summer against the drivers of both cars involved in the accident.

  6. निकालना  =  obtain
    Take out an insurance policy, a mortgage, a patent.

  7. निकलवाना  =  remove
    She's gone into hospital to have her appendix taken out.

  8. निकालना  =  withdraw
    How much do you need to take out .

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