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  1. (music) rapid sliding up or down the musical scale
  2. a very rapid raid
  3. a swift descent through the air
  1. move down on as if in an attack
  2. move with a sweep, or in a swooping arc
  3. seize or catch with a swooping motion
  4. descend quickly

swoop Sentences in English

  1. छापा
    A terrifying swoop by the income tax people

  2. झपट्टा
    The last swoop that the eagle ever made

  3. झपट पड़ना
    The teacher swooped down upon the new students.

  4. धावा बोलना
    Officers swooped on the vehicles as they left the ferry.

  5. झपट्टा मारना
    The aircraft swooped down over the buildings. / a hawk swooped low over the field.

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