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  1. the shape of something rotating rapidly
  1. turn in a twisting or spinning motion
  2. flow in a circular current, of liquids
  3. spin around

swirl Sentences in English

  1. छल्ला
    The material is yellow with blue swirls on it. / the cakes were topped with swirls of cream.

  2. भँवर
    The dancers left the stage in a swirl of skirts.

  3. चक्कर खाते हुए बहना
    The waves rose like mountains, and the water swirled furiously.

  4. चक्कर खाते हुए उड़ना
    The leaves swirled in the autumn wind.

  5. घूमते हुए बहना
    The water swirled down the drain.

  6. भँवर में बहना
    The water swirled around the rocks.

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