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  1. a small amount of liquid food
  2. the act of swallowing
  3. small long-winged songbird noted for swift graceful flightand the regularity of its migrations
  1. pass through the esophagus as part of eating or drinking
  2. engulf and destroy
  3. enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing
  4. utter indistinctly
  5. take back what one has said
  6. keep from expressing
  7. tolerate or accommodate oneself to
  8. believe or accept without questioning or challenge
  9. consume
  10. believe without much thought

swallow Sentences in English

  1. घूँट  =  amount
    Take a swallow of beer

  2. अबाबील  =  bird
    One swallow does not make a summer.

  3. आँख मूँदकर विश्वास करना  =  believe, easily
    He flatters her and she swallows it all

  4. समा जाना  =  cover
    The aircraft was swallowed in the cloud

  5. निगलना  =  eat
    Just put this in your mouth and swallow

  6. घबराना  =  fear
    She swallowed hard and turned to face the accuser

  7. पी जाना  =  hide feeling
    She swallowed her anger and carried on

  8. समाप्त करना  =  spend, completly
    The cost of trail swallowed up all their savings

  9. दबाना  =  supress feeling
    I swallowed my pride and asked for loan

  10. निगल लेना  =  take over
    Many small firms are being swallowed up by large corporations

  11. सह लेना  =  tolerate
    He swallowed all the criticisms

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