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  1. call in an official matter, such as to attend court
  2. ask to come
  3. gather or bring together
  4. make ready for action or use
  5. call to a place

summon Sentences in English

  1. आयोजन करना
    To summon a conference / meeting

  2. बुलाना
    In may 1688 he was urgently summoned to london.

  3. सम्मन देना
    He was summoned to appear before the magistrates.

  4. तैयार रखना
    Summon resources

  5. इकट्ठा करना
    She was trying to summon up the courage to leave him. / i couldn't even summon the energy to get out of bed.

  6. बुला भेजना
    The board of directors summoned him.

  7. माँगना
    To summon assistance / help / reinforcements

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