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Sum Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a quantity of money
  2. a quantity obtained by addition
  3. the final aggregate
  4. the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
  5. the whole amount
  6. the basic unit of money in Uzbekistan
  7. a set containing all and only the members of two or moregiven sets
  1. be a summary of
  2. determine the sum of

Sum Sentences in English

  1. जोड़  =  addition
    The sum of 5 and 3 is 8.

  2. राशि  =  amount
    He borrowed a large sum.

  3. निष्कर्ष  =  output
    I'm afraid that is the sum of my afforts

  4. प्रश्न  =  question
    A mathematical sum

  5. सार  =  summary
    I can't tell you the sum of this drama in a few words.

  6. योग  =  addition
    The sum of 5 and 3 is 8.

  7. जोड़ना
    Sum up how much you've spent.

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