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  1. a musical composition of several movements only loosely connected
  2. apartment consisting of a series of connected rooms used as a living unit (as in a hotel)
  3. the group following and attending to some important person
  4. a matching set of furniture
  5. set of rooms or furniture
  6. entourage of people
  7. series

suite Sentences in English

  1. वाद्यसंगीत-रचना  =  music
    Stravinsky's 'firebird suite' is a renowned composition.

  2. फ़र्नीचर का सेट  =  set of furniture
    You should see chris's new bedroom suite - it's gorgeous.

  3. सेट  =  set of rooms
    They've got a whole suite of offices on the second floor.

  4. परिजन  =  set of attendants
    The group following and attending to some important person

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