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  1. deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing
  2. impair the respiration of or obstruct the air passage of
  3. become stultified, suppressed, or stifled
  4. suppress the development, creativity, or imagination of
  5. be asphyxiated
  6. die from lack of oxygen
  7. feel uncomfortable for lack of fresh air
  8. struggle for breath
  9. have insufficient oxygen intake
  10. choke

suffocate Sentences in English

  1. साँस अटकने लगना
    She swallowed a fishbone and began to suffocate.

  2. विकास रोक देना
    His job suffocated him.

  3. दमघोंटू होना
    Can i open a window it�s suffocating in here!

  4. दम घोंटना
    He put the pillow over her face and suffocated her./ (figurative) she felt suffocated by all the rules and regulations.

  5. दम घुटना
    Many dogs have suffocated in hot cars.

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