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  1. a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of
  2. a shoot arising from a plant's roots
  3. a drinker who sucks (as at a nipple or through a straw)
  4. flesh of any of numerous North American food fishes with toothless jaws
  5. hard candy on a stick
  6. an organ specialized for sucking nourishment or for adhering to objects by suction
  7. mostly North American freshwater fishes with a thick-lipped mouth for feeding by suction
  8. related to carps

sucker Sentences in English

  1. ऐसा आदमी
    I don't know you tolerate that sucker!

  2. ऐसी चीज़
    The pilot said, 'i don't know how i got the sucker down safely.'

  3. बहुत पसंदकरने वाला
    I have to confess i'm a bit of a sucker for musicals.

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