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  1. the act of sucking
  1. draw into the mouth by creating a practical vacuum in the mouth
  2. draw something in by or as if by a vacuum
  3. attract by using an inexorable force, inducement, etc.
  4. take in, also metaphorically
  5. give suck to
  6. extract

suck Sentences in English

  1. चुसकी
    The lamb staggered to its feet and took its first suck of milk.

  2. सोखना  =  absorb
    Sponge sucks water

  3. चूसना  =  event
    Suck the juice from an orange

  4. आत्मसात करना  =  imbibe
    Lesson in his boyhood

  5. खींच लेना  =  pull
    Heavy tides sucked him under water

  6. दूध पिलाना
    You cannot suck your baby in public in some places.

  7. दूध पीना
    The baby sucked on the mother's breast.

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