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  1. a difficult or unusual or dangerous feat
  2. usually done to gain attention
  3. a creature (especially a whale) that has been prevented fromattaining full growth
  4. deed
  5. trick
  1. check the growth or development of
  2. perform a stunt or stunts

stunt Sentences in English

  1. तमाशा
    I've had enough of her childish stunts. / don't you ever pull a stunt like that again!

  2. खतरनाक करतब
    The stunts were done by small-timers.

  3. स्टंट
    He did all his own stunts.

  4. स्टंट करना
    He faced many dangers while stunting in movies.

  5. विकसित होने से रोक देना
    The constant winds had stunted the growth of plants and bushes./ his illness had not stunted his creativity.

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