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  1. not in physical motion
  2. marked by absence of sound
  3. free from disturbance
  4. used of pictures
  5. without moving or making a sound
  6. calm
  7. motionless
  8. quiet
  1. make calm or still
  2. cause to be quiet or not talk
  3. lessen the intensity of or calm
  4. make motionless
  5. make quiet
  6. motionless
  7. calm
  1. quiet
  1. however

still Sentences in English

  1. शांत  =  calm
    It was so still you could have heard a pin drop.

  2. स्थिर  =  placid
    Still waters

  3. शांत
    The night was still.

  4. निश्शब्द
    The night was still.

  5. शांत  =  placid
    Still waters

  6. अभी भी  =  manner
    It is still raining

  7. अधिक  =  more
    He came up with still more stories

  8. फिर भी  =  nevertheless
    Although she was ill she still went to work

  9. तब भी
    He treated you badly; still, he is your brother and you should help him.

  10. और भी
    Still more interesting problem

  11. अचल चित्र  =  photograph
    Still photographs

  12. शांत करना  =  do
    The doctor helped me to still the dragons of worry and fear.

  13. शांत हो जाना  =  event
    Gradually, the mind stilled and he began to work again.

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