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stiffen Definitions and meaning in English

  1. become stiff or stiffer
  2. make stiff or stiffer
  3. restrict
  4. make or become harder

stiffen Sentences in English

  1. कड़ा बनाना
    A starch to stiffen fabrics

  2. मजबूत होना  =  occur
    His resolution stiffened in response to her opposition.

  3. मजबूत करना
    The threat of punishment has only stiffened their resolve (= made them even more determined to do sth).

  4. कड़ा कर लेना
    She stiffened her body in anticipation.

  5. कड़ा पड़ जाना
    My muscles had stiffened up after the climb.

  6. तान लेना
    I stiffened my back and faced him.

  7. अकड़ जाना
    She stiffened with fear.

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