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  1. incapable of reproducing
  2. free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms
  3. deficient in originality or creativity
  4. lacking powers of invention
  5. unproductive
  6. clean

sterile Sentences in English

  1. अकल्पनाशील
    A sterile ideology lacking in originality

  2. ऊसर
    Fertile and sterile lands

  3. निष्प्राण
    The room felt cold and sterile.

  4. निष्फल
    A sterile debate

  5. व्यर्थ
    A sterile debate

  6. निर्जीवाणुक
    A sterile operating area

  7. जीवाणुहीन
    Sterile bandages / equipment

  8. अप्रजायी
    A sterile couple

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