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  1. stand still
  2. cause to stagnate
  3. cease to flow
  4. stand without moving
  5. be idle
  6. exist in a changeless situation
  7. deteriorate by lack of action

stagnate Sentences in English

  1. रुक जाना
    Profits have stagnated.

  2. निष्क्रिय होना
    The old man sat and stagnated on his porch.

  3. रुद्ध करना
    There are marshes that stagnate the waters.

  4. प्रवाहहीन होना
    The water in the pond was stagnating.

  5. निश्चल होना
    The water in the pond was stagnating.

  6. बँध के रह जाना
    I feel i'm stagnating in this job.

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