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  1. a sudden sharp feeling
  2. a thrusting blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument
  3. informal words for any attempt or effort
  1. use a knife on
  2. stab or pierce
  3. poke or thrust abruptly

Stab Sentences in English

  1. छुरा का प्रहार  =  attack
    stab wounds.

  2. कोशिश  =  attempt
    She found the test difficult but nevertheless made a good stab at it.

  3. मार  =  hit
    stab wounds.

  4. टीस  =  pang
    a stab of pain in the chest.

  5. घाव  =  wound
    He received a stab in the chest.

  6. छुरा भोंकना  =  jab
    He stabbed him in his neck/chest/stomach.

  7. घुसेड़ना  =  poke
    He stabbed his finger into her ribs.

  8. दबाना  =  press
    She stabbed angrily at the lift button.

  9. भोंकना  =  thrust
    He stabbed the meat with the fork.

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