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  1. pass (time) in a specific way
  2. pay out
  3. spend completely
  4. give
  5. use time; occupy

spend Sentences in English

  1. खर्च करना  =  human
    He has spend lot of time in useless things

  2. लगाना  =  effort, activity
    Spend a lot of time and effort on unl project

  3. खो देना  =  force, activity
    Their force was copletely spend

  4. खर्च करना  =  money
    Resisting the temptation to spend one's money

  5. बिताना  =  time, place
    Don't spend much time on it

  6. गुजारना  =  time, activity
    He spend his time in reading magzine

  7. बिताना  =  time
    How do you spend your time

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