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  1. (sometimes followed by `to') applying to or characterized by or distinguishing something particular or special or unique
  2. stated explicitly or in detail
  3. relating to or distinguishing or constituting a taxonomic species
  4. being or affecting a disease produced by a particularmicroorganism or condition
  5. used also of stains or dyesused in making microscope slides
  6. particular
  7. distinguishing
  1. a fact about some part (as opposed to general)
  2. a medicine that has a mitigating effect on a specific disease

specific Sentences in English

  1. विस्तृत  =  detailed
    Specific information.

  2. विशेष  =  exact
    What is your specific aim.

  3. विशेष  =  particular
    The money is to be used forspecific purpose.

  4. निश्चित
    The reasons for the decision should be made specific.

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