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  1. express in speech
  2. exchange thoughts
  3. talk with
  4. use language
  5. give a speech to
  6. make a characteristic or natural sound
  7. talk
  8. address; give a lecture

speak Sentences in English

  1. कहना  =  human
    The teacher spoke to all the students

  2. बात करना  =  human, event
    May i speak to susan about the plan

  3. बोलना  =  human language
    Please speak french to the person sitting beside you

  4. कहना  =  human
    I spoke to her

  5. बताना  =  fact
    He always speak the facts

  6. बात करना  =  human
    She spoke with him for an hour

  7. प्रकट करना  =  idea
    She spoke her idea in the meeting

  8. बोलना  =  mother tongue
    To speak in french

  9. बात करना  =  human
    I spoke with him in english

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