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  1. in the near future

soon Sentences in English

  1. तुरन्त  =  immediately, manner
    How soon can you finish the report

  2. जल्दी से  =  before long
    Let's leave soon

  3. निकट भविष्य में  =  future
    Let's leave soon

  4. तुरन्त  =  immediate
    We shall know soon after he calls

  5. तुरन्त  =  manner
    We soon got there

  6. जल्दी  =  period
    It will be dark soon

  7. जल्दी  =  quickly
    He came as soon as he could

  8. फौरन  =  soon
    Shall soon know the result

  9. तड़के  =  time
    What makes you come so soon

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