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  1. having little substance or significance
  2. almost no or (with `a') at least some
  3. very little
  4. being of delicate or slender build
  5. thin
  6. small in build
  1. a deliberate discourteous act (usually as an expression of anger or disapproval)
  2. insult
  3. disrespect
  1. pay no attention to, disrespect
  2. offend
  3. insult

slight Sentences in English

  1. कमजोर  =  frail
    A slight fabric

  2. पतला  =  slim
    Her slight frame was shaken by bouts of coughing

  3. छोटा  =  small
    A slight error

  4. सधारण  =  trivial
    A slight cut

  5. स्पष्ट  =  noticeble
    There is a slight changes in the plan

  6. कम  =  small amount
    A slight increase

  7. तिरस्कार करना  =  job
    I'm afraid he took your remark as a slight to his work

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