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  1. marked by absence of sound
  2. failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to
  3. indicated by necessary connotation though not expressed directly
  4. not made to sound
  5. having a frequency below or above the range of human audibility
  6. unable to speak because of hereditary deafness
  7. quiet; speechless
  8. understood
  9. implied

silent Sentences in English

  1. चुप  =  action
    A silent protest

  2. अनभिव्यक्त  =  history
    A silent history

  3. मूक  =  human
    The witness remained silent

  4. खा़मोश  =  human, communication
    The woman reamined silent

  5. छिपा हुआ  =  letter unpronounced
    In french certains letters are silent

  6. शांत  =  place, condition
    A silent house

  7. निष्क्रिय  =  thing
    A silent motor

  8. ख़ामोश  =  state
    The night was silent

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