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  1. an instance of visual perception
  2. anything that is seen
  3. the ability to see
  4. ability to perceive with eyes
  5. spectacle
  6. horrifying person or thing
  1. catch sight of
  2. to perceive with the eyes
  3. see

sight Sentences in English

  1. ढेर
    A sight of letters

  2. प्रचुर  =  plenty
    It must have cost sight

  3. दृष्टि-शक्ति  =  ability
    To lose one's sight

  4. लक्षक  =  device
    The sights of the rifle

  5. दर्शन  =  perception
    The sight of his wife brought him back to reality

  6. स्थान  =  place
    If you come to edinburgh i'll show you the sights

  7. दृश्य  =  spectacle
    A sight of london

  8. दर्शन  =  view
    She tried to get a better sight of it

  9. दृष्टि  =  vision
    In his sight she could do no wrong

  10. देखना  =  human, weapon
    He sighted with the telescope

  11. पर्यटन करना  =  seen
    They went to paris to see sight

  12. निरीक्षण करना  =  gun
    He sighted the gun

  13. ध्यान से देखना  =  star
    He sighted the stars

  14. दिखाई देना  =  thing
    After twelve days at sea, we sighted land

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