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  1. not in good physical or mental health
  2. feeling nausea
  3. feeling about to vomit
  4. affected with madness or insanity
  5. having a strong distaste from surfeit
  6. not healthy
  7. not feeling well
  1. people who are sick
  1. eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth

sick Sentences in English

  1. निराश  =  disappointed
    We were pretty sick about loosing the match.

  2. बीमार  =  ill
    Sick person.

  3. भद्दा  =  morbid
    A sick joke.

  4. ऊबा हुआ  =  superfieted
    She has had the same job for years and is heartily sick of it.

  5. जी मिचलाता हुआ  =  tending to vomit
    You'll make yourself sick if you eat all those sweets.

  6. हैरान  =  upset
    I'm sick of waiting around like this.

  7. रोगी  =  patient
    All the sick and wounded were evacuated.

  8. उलटी  =  vomit
    The basin was full of sick.

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