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Shout Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a loud utterance
  2. often in protest or opposition
  1. utter in a loud voice
  2. talk in a loud voice (usually denoting characteristic manner of speaking)
  3. utter a sudden loud cry
  4. utter aloud
  5. often with surprise, horror, or joy
  6. use foul or abusive language towards

Shout Sentences in English

  1. चीत्कार  =  pain
    she shouted in pain

  2. शोर  =  sense attribute
    she shout with joy

  3. शोर  =  voice-feeling
    shout of joy

  4. पुकार  =  voice
    a shout for help

  5. चीख
    couldn't ignore the shout for help

  6. पुकार्ना  =  human, thing
    She shouted to her from the window but she couldn't hear it

  7. चिल्लाना  =  human human
    the maother shouted at the teacher

  8. चिल्लाना  =  human voice
    My grandmother is heard of hearing you have shout

  9. चिल्लाना  =  human, event
    The teacher shouted to the students for not doing the homework

  10. पुकार करना  =  cry
    she shouted for help

  11. चिल्लाना  =  exclaim
    I won! he shouted

  12. जोऱ से कहना  =  loudly
    ) <H,0,0>;the boys shouted their names

  13. चीखना  =  utter
    the speaker was interrupted by loud shout from the rear of the audience

  14. चीखना  =  scream
    She shouted with pain when the doctor inserted the needle.

  15. गाली देना
    The angry mother shouted at the teacher.

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