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  1. a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt
  2. a state of dishonor
  3. an unfortunate development
  1. bring shame or dishonor upon
  2. compel through a sense of shame
  3. cause to be ashamed
  4. surpass or beat by a wide margin

Shame Sentences in English

  1. दया  =  pity
    it's a shame he couldn't do it

  2. सर्मिंदगी  =  action
    he was shame for his work

  3. शर्मिंदगी  =  disgrace
    his action brought shame to his parents

  4. शर्मिंदगी  =  dishonour
    one mistake brought shame to all his family

  5. लज्जा  =  failure
    bring shame to oneself

  6. शर्म  =  feeling
    to be without shame

  7. हया  =  feel
    to my shamed I never thanked him for kindness

  8. लज्जित होना  =  human, feel
    he was shamed by how much more work the others had done

  9. बदनाम करना  =  disgrace
    such an act of cowardice by an officer shames his whole regiment

  10. बाध्य करना  =  urge
    I tired to shame her into voting in the election, but she has no sense of public duty

  11. शर्मिंदा होना  =  event human
    I was shamed on myself for doing such a deed

  12. शर्मिंदित होना  =  regret
    the bankruptcy of his business was shame

  13. कम दिखाना  =  show organisation
    they have a record of industrial peace which shames other companies

  14. शर्मिंदगी महसूस होना  =  human
    It shames me to say it, but i have told lie

  15. शर्मिंदगी दिखाना  =  parents
    you have shamed your parents

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