sensible meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of sensible

sensible Definitions and meaning in English

  1. realistic
  2. reasonable

sensible Sentences in English

  1. समझदार  =  insensible, state
    A sensible fellow

  2. उचित  =  action sensible
    A sensible use of one's money

  3. अच्छी  =  amount appreciable
    A sensible reduction in prices

  4. तर्कसंगत  =  choice
    A sensible choice

  5. संवेदी  =  creatures
    Even amoeba are sensible creatures

  6. समझदार  =  human
    A sensible person

  7. जानकार  =  human cognizant
    Sensible of his fault

  8. सतर्क  =  human cognizant danger
    Are you sensible of the dangers of your position

  9. उचित  =  idea reasonable
    Sensible idea

  10. समझदार  =  matters wise
    A sensible decision

  11. सचेत  =  patience conscious
    The patience was speechless but still sensible

  12. लौकिक  =  fashionable
    Wear a sensible shoe

  13. इंद्रियगोचर  =  perceptible
    A sensible odour

  14. समझदार  =  state
    A young sensible person

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