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  1. the activity of persuading someone to buy
  1. exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent
  2. be sold at a certain price or in a certain way
  3. do business
  4. offer for sale as for one's livelihood
  5. persuade somebody to accept something
  6. give up for a price or reward
  7. deliver to an enemy by treachery
  8. be approved of or gain acceptance
  9. be responsible for the sale of
  10. exchange an object for money

sell Sentences in English

  1. विक्रय  =  sale
    It is hard sell

  2. धोखा  =  deception
    It's a real sell <h,0,0>; the menu seems cheap but they charge extra for the vegetables

  3. कमाई  =  income
    He got a good sell from his goods

  4. रक़म  =  money
    He got a good sell from his goods

  5. बेचना  =  human, event
    Her name will help to sell the product

  6. बेचना  =  human goods, shop
    He sold the fruits in his old shop

  7. बेचना  =  human human, exchange, gain
    She sells her body to survive and support her drug habits

  8. बेचना  =  human
    She sold her new car to me

  9. बेचना  =  buy, event
    I like to buy your house, if you are willing to sell it

  10. बेचना  =  cheat human
    He sold me the coat for 15$ which was actually 10$

  11. छोड देना  =  give up
    She sold her principles for her sucessful career

  12. खरिदने के लिये मज़बुर करना  =  persuade human
    The clerk sold the shoe to her by flatttery

  13. बेचना  =  persuade human
    He sold her three pairs of shoes by being charming

  14. बेचना  =  company
    The painting was sold to an american company

  15. सौदा करना  =  enemy country
    The minister sold his country to enemy

  16. बेचना  =  enemy fellow
    The man sold his wife to the enemy

  17. बेचना  =  human, event
    I sold the painting to him for $50000

  18. बेचना  =  human goods
    He sold the car to me for $500

  19. प्रचार करना  =  human idea
    To sell an idea to the public

  20. विश्वासघात करना  =  betray
    Judas sold jesus

  21. व्यापार करना  =  deal
    She sells shoes

  22. बेचना  =  event human
    Africans used to sell their children for slavery

  23. चलना  =  gain popularity
    The new idea sold well in certain circles

  24. प्रचार करना करना  =  publicise
    You have to sell yourself

  25. प्रचार होना  =  publicise
    A big poster camphaign is selling the new party

  26. बिकना  =  sell
    The books sell like a hot cake

  27. सौदा करना  =  trade
    The brother sells shoes

  28. बेचना  =  country, money
    The minister sold one's country for money

  29. बेचना  =  country, power
    To sell one's country for power

  30. बेचना  =  country
    To sell one's own country

  31. बेचना  =  goods, shop
    Do you sell cigarettes in this shop

  32. विक्रय करना  =  goods
    To sell the furniture in auction

  33. बिकना  =  goods
    Eggs sell well

  34. बेचना  =  honor
    To sell one's honour

  35. लादना  =  idea
    You'll never sell an idea like that to the voters

  36. थोपना  =  opinion
    Do not try to sell your opinion to us

  37. बेचना  =  money
    He sold his land for money

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