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  1. sharp piercing cry
  2. a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry
  3. a joke that seems extremely funny
  4. outcry
  5. person or thing that is very funny
  1. utter a sudden loud cry
  2. utter or declare in a very loud voice
  3. make a loud, piercing sound
  4. cry out

scream Sentences in English

  1. चीख  =  cry
    The screams of wounded.

  2. विनोदी  =  human
    He is absolutely scream!

  3. ठहाका  =  noise
    Scream of laughter/excitment.

  4. तेज़ी से आवाज करते हुए चलना  =  move
    The wind screamed through the trees.

  5. घरघरा करना  =  rumble
    I pressed the accelerator till the engine screamed.

  6. जोर से बजना  =  sound
    Lights flashed and sirens screamed.

  7. चिल्लाना
    You don't have to scream --i can hear you just fine.

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