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  1. an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off
  2. a depression scratched or carved into a surface
  3. informal terms for money
  4. dry mash for poultry
  5. a harsh noise made by scraping
  6. poor handwriting
  7. an indication of damage
  8. small cut or mark
  1. cause friction
  2. cut the surface of
  3. wear away the surface of
  4. scrape or rub as if to relieve itching
  5. cut; make a mark on
  6. cancel

scratch Sentences in English

  1. कामचलाऊ  =  serviceable
    Scratch meal/team/orchestra.

  2. अप्रतिबन्धित  =  unrestricted
    Scratch golfer/palyer/race.

  3. खरोंच  =  wound
    Her hands were covered with scratches from the thorns.

  4. खुजलन  =  light rubbing
    I like a good scratch!

  5. खरोंच लगाना  =  bruise
    She scratch herlsef while pruning the roses.

  6. नोच लेना  =  claw
    Mind he doesn't scratch your eyes out.

  7. खोदना  =  dig
    Scratch a hole on the soil.

  8. खींचना  =  draw
    Scratch a line on a surface.

  9. मिटाना  =  erase
    Her name had been scratched off the list.

  10. खरोंचना  =  inscribe
    He scratched his name on the bark of the tree.

  11. खरोंचकर निकालना  =  remove
    Scratch the rust off the lock.

  12. खुजलाना  =  rub
    Stop scratching.

  13. खरोंचना  =  scrape
    That cat won't scratch.

  14. हटा लेना  =  take away
    The horse had to be scratch

  15. अलग हो जाना  =  withdraw
    I had to scratch beacuse of illness.

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