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sale Definitions and meaning in English

  1. the general activity of selling
  2. a particular instance of selling
  3. the state of being purchasable
  4. exchange of object for money

sale Sentences in English

  1. बिक्री  =  action
    The money was raised by the sale of raffle tickets

  2. बिक्री  =  activity
    The law limits the sale of handguns

  3. बिक्री  =  amount
    The increase sale of ice-cream in hot weather

  4. नीलामी  =  auction
    They held a sale to reduce their inventories

  5. सेल  =  business
    Our today's sale was not much than yesterday

  6. बिक्री  =  demand
    A slow sale

  7. विक्रय  =  sell
    They had to complete the sale before banks closed

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