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rugged Definitions and meaning in English

  1. sturdy and strong in constitution or construction
  2. topographically very uneven
  3. rocky and steep
  4. very difficult
  5. severely testing stamina or resolution
  6. bumpy
  7. weathered
  8. severe
  9. violent
  10. uncouth
  11. crude
  12. difficult
  13. rigorous
  14. big
  15. strong

rugged Sentences in English

  1. भद्दा  =  clumsy
    A rugged face.

  2. मज़बूत  =  strong
    A rugged vehicle.

  3. असभ्य  =  uncivilized
    A rugged invidualist.

  4. ऊबड़-खाबड़  =  uneven
    A rugged coastline

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