Rest on meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of Rest on

Rest on Definitions and meaning in English

  1. rest on for support
  2. be based on
  3. of theories and claims, for example

Rest on Sentences in English

  1. पर आधारित होना  =  base on
    The whole story rests on a very simple idea. / The whole argument rests on a false assumption.

  2. आश्रित होना  =  depend on
    The whole team rests on Sachin Tendulkar.

  3. टिकना  =  look at
    Her eyes travelled slowly around the room and finally rested on me.

  4. पर निर्भर होना  =  depend on
    The Team's hopes of a medal now rest on P.T.Usha. / All our hopes now rest on you.

  5. टिकाना
    She rested her arm on the window sill.

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