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  1. a written document describing the findings of some individual or group
  2. a short account of the news
  3. the act of informing by verbal report
  4. a sharp explosive sound (especially the sound of a gun firing)
  5. a written evaluation of a student's scholarship and deportment
  6. an essay (especially one written as an assignment)
  7. the general estimation that the public has for a person
  8. account
  9. story
  10. gossip
  11. talk
  12. loud noise
  13. reputation
  1. to give an account or representation of in words
  2. announce as the result of an investigation, or announce something to the proper authorities
  3. announce one's presence
  4. make known to the authorities
  5. be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism
  6. complain about
  7. make a charge against
  8. communicate information
  9. knowledge
  10. present oneself

report Sentences in English

  1. अच्छे नाम का  =  reputation
    A man of good report

  2. अफवाह  =  rumor
    Report has it that....

  3. विवरण  =  account
    Reliable, conflicting, detailed reports

  4. गप  =  gossip
    I have only reports to go on

  5. जानकारी  =  information
    A medical report / can you give us a progress report

  6. आवाज  =  sound
    A loud noise, the report of a distant canon

  7. रिपोर्ट  =  statement
    A school report

  8. विवरण
    The report of his speech

  9. खबर
    He heard reports that they were causing trouble.

  10. समाचार
    The report of his speech

  11. समाचार-विवरण
    The report of his speech

  12. सूचना देना  =  announce
    They reported sighting the plane

  13. रिपोर्ट लिखाना  =  complain
    Report a burglary, car crash, fraud the police

  14. बताना  =  declare
    Report sick

  15. हाजिरी देना  =  give presence
    All representative report to the sales department

  16. रिपोर्ट देना  =  give
    Report for the times, bbc etc.

  17. हाजिर होना  =  present
    Report for duty for 7 am

  18. सूचना देना  =  matter
    The police was reporting the movements of the dacoites every hour

  19. वर्णन करना
    Tom reported his discoveries to the professor.

  20. विवरण देना
    Tom reported his discoveries to the professor.

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