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  1. a meeting planned at a certain time and place
  2. a place where people meet
  3. a date
  4. usually with a member of the opposite sex
  5. get
  6. place for get
  1. meet at a rendezvous
  2. meet
  3. often secretly

rendezvous Sentences in English

  1. पूर्वनिश्चित मुलाकात्  =  date
    I've got a rendezvous with lucy tomorrow night.

  2. पूर्वनिश्चित मुलाकात
    I had a secret rendezvous with john that evening.

  3. मिलनस्थल
    He didn't recognize the address of the rendezvous.

  4. पूर्वनिश्चित समय और स्थान पर मिलना
    To meet at a time and place that have been arranged in advance

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