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  1. recall knowledge from memory
  2. exercise, or have the power of, memory
  3. call to remembrance
  4. keep alive the memory of someone or something, as in a ceremony
  5. keep in mind; summon into mind

remember Sentences in English

  1. याद रखना  =  forget, event
    Don't remember me!

  2. याद रखना  =  bear in mind
    Auntie jill always remembers my birthday

  3. अभिवादन पहुँचाना  =  convey
    He asked me to remember him to you

  4. याद होना  =  recall
    If i remember rightly the party starts at 8 p.m

  5. याद करना  =  think of
    A church service to remember war dead

  6. याद रखना  =  name
    I can't remember his name

  7. याद करना  =  thing
    I remember her as a slim young girl

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