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  1. in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle
  2. often used as intensifiers
  3. conforming to a standard or pattern
  4. (of solids) having clear dimensions that can be measured
  5. volume can be determined with a suitable geometric formula
  6. regularly scheduled for fixed times
  7. in accord with regular practice or procedure
  8. occurring at fixed intervals
  9. relating to a person who does something regularly
  10. (used of the military) belonging to or engaged in by legitimate army forces
  11. not constipated 1
  12. symmetrically arranged
  13. not deviating from what is normal
  14. officially full-time
  15. normal
  16. common
  17. orderly
  18. consistent
  19. balanced
  1. a regular patron
  2. a soldier in the regular army
  3. a dependable follower (especially in party politics)
  4. a garment size for persons of average height and weight

regular Sentences in English

  1. नियमित  =  army
    A regular soldier, army, battalion

  2. समभुजकोणीय  =  figure
    A regular figure

  3. नियमित  =  life
    They are living regular life

  4. नियमित  =  part of speech
    The verb 'go' is not regular, but 'would' is

  5. पूरा  =  complete
    A regular hero, genious etc.

  6. स्थायी  =  constant
    Have no regular work, employment etc.

  7. बराबर  =  equal
    A regular pulse, heart beat etc.

  8. योग्य  =  good
    He is a regular guy

  9. नियमित  =  particular
    Have regular bowel movements

  10. सुव्यवस्थिक  =  symmetrical
    Her regular teeth

  11. पूरा  =  total
    This is a regular mess

  12. नियमित  =  usual
    My regular doctor

  13. नियमित  =  steady
    A regular customer

  14. रोज का ग्राहक  =  customer
    He is one of my regulars

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