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  1. पुछना  =  ask
    Refer to an expert.

  2. से सम्बन्धित होना  =  concern
    This paragraph refers to the events of last year.

  3. सहायता लेना  =  consult
    Refer to an expert.

  4. बताअना  =  describe
    He always refers to his wife as `my other half'.

  5. देखना  =  look
    Refer to a dictionary.

  6. का ज़िक्र करना  =  mention
    The vicitms were not refered to by name.

  7. जिक्र कियाना  =  mention
    This incident in his childhood is never reffered to again.

  8. संकेत करना  =  point to
    When i said some people are stupid, i wasn't reffering to you.

  9. सम्बन्ध रखना  =  relate
    This paragraph refers to the events of last year.

  10. के पास भेजना  =  send
    The doctor referred me to a dentist.

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